Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cutie Pies In China

I was going through some old photos and found a few that I took before I met Coco and Wawa. This was taken in Guilin, China in 2009. An elderly gentleman was walking his dog.

Everybody found him cute but he didn't share the same sentiments. In fact, he got rather annoyed and chased after a young tourist who wanted to touch him. You're a fierce cutie pie!

This is another cutie pie in Guilin. A little girl tied him to a post and told the security guard at the entrance of the park to "guard her little doggie". She was as cute as her doggie.

The cutest of all the doggies was a......(drum roll)......S*C*H*N*A*U*Z*E*R!!! It was sitting next to my table in this Shenzen restaurant in 2008. She (I'd like to think it was a she) was sitting next to her mistress on one of those comfy chairs. Mistress told her very, very sternly in Cantonese to sit quietly or else! She whined and put her head on her lap -- schnauzer art of self-defence. The waitresses giggled but tactfully brought a piece of newspaper. Many years ago, this discriminating sign was put outside restaurants in China patronised by westerners - Dogs And Chinese Not Allowed. Bruce Lee beat the daylights out of them in his movies. China drove out all her enemies and closed her doors. Can you blame them? To this day when foreigners report it is always "Chinese leaders claimed...this and that" as if Chinese leaders are always lying.

So, that was how I fell in love with a schnauzer. I told myself if I ever had a dog, it will be a schnauzer. I bought Coco in April 2010. Yeah, and because of you, Coco, I can no longer travel to China or anywhere. I can't bear putting you in a pet shop, all caged up for a week without Mommi. You won't be getting boiled chicken or titbits. You won't even get canned chicken. You will be fed dry dog food. Hmm, maybe it's a good way to end your picky ways.


Oskar said...

Well of course I cant fault you for falling in love with a schnauzer!

Nubbin wiggles,

Rubie said...

Well..... that is the first time I've seen a schnauzer in a rather ritzy restaurant, and that woman has a bit of Audrey Hepburn-ness to her, don't you think?? I would have fallen in love with "her" too - being so good. My husband warned me that life would not be so "carefree" for us once Rubie came (not being able to travel etc) but I don't care. I'm busy studying options where she can come too! I'm very lucky with having a brother who works from home and has Scarlet and Zoe - the perfect place to "park" Rubie if we need to. Only I can't bear to leave her....yet!

Rubie's mum. xxx

Magic said...

Oh that would be so good to take the dogs into restaurants - the signs for NO DOGS are outside restaurants nearly everywhere in the UK. Life is certainly different when you let a dog (or five!)into your life but we have had many happy times with our little canine gang in holiday cottages which are dog friendly (and even some hotels overnight) as I can't bear to think of a holiday without them there! Magic's mum xx

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