Thursday, August 11, 2011

How To Get Attention

When Coco is getting all the attention which is also too much attention (in my opinion) I know just the way to grab my share.

Use my rear to oust her out of the way and deposit myself as closely as possible to the attention-giver.

There! I now have a very nice spot in between Coco and whoever. Mommi is harder to tackle but I succeed by repeatedly pushing my behind into Coco's face.

I even get a smooch. Eat your heart out, Coco.

Okay lah, poor Coco, I will give you a smooch lah! MMMMuuuuuaaaah!


Wyatt said...

I shall take notes on this...I like to get most of the attention too!


Magic said...

Wawa sounds like my sister. She's very good at pushing me out of the way when she wants attention - even though she's smaller than me!
Love from Magic xx

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