Friday, August 19, 2011

Dangerous Dogs

I was looking for some doggie information and got linked to a website in UK( I didn't know that it is illegal (in that place) to possess the following dogs. All are unknown to me except the pitbull terrier (I am rather ignorant about dog breeds). There have been a few pitbull attacks, some fatal, in Malaysia recently.

Fila Braziliero

Dogo Argentino (nice eyes!)

Japanese Tosa

Pit Bull Terrier

Hey, who put my picture here? I am not a dangerous dog. I only look dangerously psychotic when I sleep.


Bowie said...

Hallo, greetings fr your 'neighbour' (a Silky Terrier living in Singapore)! The photo of Coco made me laugh whoahahaha...


Tooki said...

Hello Bowie, we are very happy to meet you. I tried visiting your blog but...unsuccessful?! We sure would like to get to know you!

Bowie said...

Try ?
Sometimes it happens. Hope you'll be able to visit!


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