Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya, Satu (1) Malaysia!

It's Hari Raya again!  This is Coco's 2nd Hari Raya and Wawa's 1st.  I still remember Coco eating too many sweet cookies and getting sick last year.  My colleague gave me 3 boxes of Hari Raya cookies -- I was surprised and touched by her gesture.  When she shook my hands just before she left for the holidays she wept.  It's usual for the ladies to get emotional during times like this.  Just before Raya they will go round shaking hands and seeking forgiveness and some can get really weepy.  A bit of Chinese culture has crept into Hari Raya celebrations in Malaysia - fire crackers.  Before the big day there will be daily reports of police seizing crackers or some kid's fingers getting blown off.  Fire crackers are illegal in Malaysia although judging from the booms I hear, they are probably closing one eye (or both).  This morning felt a little like Chinese New Year to me.  This is one of the positive things about One Malaysia.  Our Prime Minister is advocating harmony and unity thus there is a One Malaysia everything -- 1 Malaysia Health Clinic, 1 Malaysia grocery store, 1 Malaysia e-mail, 1 Malaysia Foundation and 1 Malaysia Youth Fund.  The term is said in friendly jest by almost everyone I know.  Once I was attending a function and an Indian friend was sitting next to me.  So there we were, a Chinese, an Indian, a Kadazan and a Malay.  Abu Bakar Ellah @ Ampal was the MC/singer at the function and he came forward and said, "Waaah, this is 1 Malaysia!".  Wishing all Muslims a happy Hari Raya!

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Magic said...

Enjoy the holiday - and those cookies but don't eat too many Coco :-)) love from Magic xx

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