Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Stroll

Hey, Coco!  They're mowing the grass so they won't stick to you when we go for a walk!

Yeah!  I am happy!

Stop running about, Wawa.  Let's go furtle.

So she furtles a little under the rock.....

...and she furtles some more by the little house (while Wawa is still running around madly).

We saw some pretty flowers along the way.

And interesting fruits with an ant still on it.  Those are hateful giant ants which we don't want to step on.

We even saw a hawk/eagle in the sky!  Mommi says she will buy a better camera for such shots.

We saw some more fruits.  Mommi used to eat these when she was little - it's a kind of mini markisa (passion fruit).  Her aunt named it "buah papak" because it makes a "pak" sound when you break it open.

These thorny leaves are hateful to all of us, especially the dried, fallen ones which get stuck on my coat....:(

Last but not least, I jumped into the sea today!  Mommi screamed and was about to dive in when I decided to make a u-turn.  I do have skinny legs, don't I?  Hey Wawa, you should try diving in!  (Coco! Stop teaching your brother bad stuff!)


Wyatt said...

What a grand day, out and about!! We like to sniff under all the rocks and buildings too. We know there are little critters living under there. Our people just don't understand that!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Magic said...

Great day out Coco but I wouldn't like to jump in the sea. I even walk round puddles in the road and when it rains and the water is right across the lane I ask to be carried over :-) love from Magic x

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