Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brindle Dogs & Calico Cats (And Oh, Mary Shit)

I learnt 2 new things recently.  Something that is probably common knowledge to seasoned pet owners.  First, I learnt what a brindle is.  A brindle dog is what I have been seeing everyday for the past 1 year and 9 months in my working place without realising that it is called a brindle dog.  It is none other than....Wawa's natural mother!  I used to think that her coat looked rather messy and a good bath will proabably make her look better.  I am now beginning to appreciate the rarity and finer points of a brindle coat.....:)

I also learnt what a calico cat is.  I have seen such cats all my life but only knew them as "three colour cat".  My mother used to tell us that they are very rare, are leaders and will kill all other cats.  Well, calico cats are everywhere these days and especially in the vicinity of my home and I don't think any of the above is true.  There is a stray calico cat which is being fed by my neighbor.  Lucky cat - she's living like a queen in his carpark and having fish everyday (I suppose).  It's no ordinary carpark, mind you - my neighbor has planted a lush garden and has filled up the empty carpark with deck chairs and table and even his books. I wonder whose carpark is that but oh, never mind.  He'll read his papers there and the cat will be lounging in relative luxury.  God bless him for his kindness.  I have also learnt that people who love animals can be brutal with humans.  My neighbor isn't brutal but he's not exactly a nice person. 

Yesterday I called a certain "Mary" about the stray dogs in my office.  The axe has finally fallen - these dogs are beginning to get aggressive with the public and especially children and the problem had to be addressed.  I offered to take care of it rather than let it go to someone else who'd loved to see them shot. For 2 days I made call after call to the "relevant" authorities.  I was passed around like a potato until this "Mary" finally picked up her handphone and oh boy was she rude.  "Who are you? Which Mary are you looking for?!!  I am Mary the lawyer!!! Growl, bark, snarl!"  She was SO rude I saved her number as Mary Shit.  Eventually, Mary Shit mellowed after she talked for a while and inspite of her attitude she was the one who gave me a relevant contact.  She even asked God to bless me for being concerned about the strays. So there you are, people who love animals can be rather nasty to humans.  After being passed round for the final time, I finally contacted the president of a certain animal society and there seems to be hope.  Light at the end of the tunnel.  Let's see if he will do what he promised to do -- send a team over to relocate the dogs or if that's not possible, to neuter them.  That will reduce the aggression, at least.  He even thanked me for feeding the dogs.  Hmm?  That's very nice of him.

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