Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Will Be Judged

Just last week a colleague of mine was delightfully telling me about his cats. There were 4 of them and one weighed 7 kg. I told him that's almost as heavy as my dog! He also had 2 dogs but I could tell that he really loved his cats. Yesterday he told me that his dogs have died and all his cats too except for one. He also told me that he wept. A grown man in his 50s, weeping for his beloved pets. Someone had given them poisoned eggs and to make their death even more painful, the fellow had inserted needles inside the hard-boiled eggs. Just how despicable can humans be? I am so, so sorry for my colleague. I can imagine the pain that he and his family must be going through. Whoever you are, you will be judged for your cruel act!


Oskar said...

Oh my word, he will someday pay for his horrible actions. That is a monster.


Rubie said...

It is amazing to think that people can do something that horrific. I think they must have serious brain issues. I dislike it when I hear something that makes me "hate" my fellow mankind, but this is another example that we are not all equal - and some have NO empathy, decency or conscious. :-( Rubie's mum.

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