Friday, March 25, 2011

Rainy Saturday

I woke up to a beautiful rainy morning. And it's Saturday! I can laze about, cuddle my dogs, blog. And make pisang goreng and eat it with steaming kopi-o......bliss! No joggers today but egrets were landing gracefully in the water puddles, probably looking for frogs or tadpoles. And a few stray dogs playing in the rain. There's only one blight. Momo escaped from his tank again and this time he landed in AnAn's home. Both are bleeding but Momo seems to have been bitten badly. When will he ever learn?? Coco has been squeaking her orang utan incessantly behind my back. She HATES my computer. It's a yellow monster that prevents Mommy from cuddling her, feeding her and giving her (new) toys.

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