Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sure You Want A Dog For A Pet?

It's beginning to be supremely difficult getting Wawa into his enclosure every morning. It used to be easy - just put doggie titbits and in he'll go. Not anymore. If the temptation proves too great he will enter but only with his front paws. The minute I go near the door he will scoot off and then we'll be going round the couch until I am late for work. It's not a small enclosure, mind you. 55 square feet with a bird's eye view of the green, green park and the sky-blue beach. Plus stray dogs, buffaloes, birds, cats, swimmers and joggers to break that monotony. I gave up trying and decided to leave them inside the house - he won. Afterall, my house is so bare there's nothing that he can possibly chew on except my couch. Or my dining table/chairs. Leather couch won't tear easily (surely?) and I made sure I bought tables and chairs with metal legs. Now, try chewng that!
How about the wallpaper???

1 comment:

Oskar said...

Oopsie, that looks like an accident to me!

Nubbin wiggles,

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