Saturday, March 5, 2011


I thought I saw a rat a couple of days ago so I decided to set the trap. Ha! A very black rat was caught! Coco is helping me keep watch over it. As well as her toys inside the dryer. (When are you going to get my orang utan out of that dryer? And my octopus? And my bed?) I left the rat alone for half a day because I didn't quite know how to dispose of it. My sister would've taken it far, far away and release it. For its last meal I fed it a whole chestnut. That must've given it a lot of energy because when I returned to take a peek, it had disappeared! How it escaped is a mystery because there's no way it can push the very, very stiff door open. Coco, you have been sleeping on the job! Mom, that was a supernaturally smart rat!

1 comment:

Rubie said...

We hope the rat never bothers you again!! I'm happy that Coco's toys are clean - I love it when mine come out of the washing machine and mum hangs em' on the washing line. I must wait till they are dry, and I guard them while they are drying! Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

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