Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Happy Birthday!

When I come home from work each day the whole house is filled with a sweet fragrance. My birthday lilies have opened up. A colleague insisted on buying me lunch today and when she had paid the bill she told me it is her birthday today. I should've been the one buying her lunch! Lesser beings like us have to slog even on our birthdays so to make her day special I stole out of the office and bought her a cake from the nearest cake shop. The woman at the counter did a horrible job writing "Happy Birthday". I told her in not so many words that the cake would be a hit at She offered to erase it and later returned asking if I'd like to choose another cake. Since most of the cakes were shocking pink, electric blue or bright yellow I had to choose the palest looking one to avoid getting poisoned but the decorater had made a smudge at the side. There are times when we can't have everything we want so I bought it. Anyhow, the birthday girl was happy and everyone else who could eat the cake was happy. At least it tasted good.

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