Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Chok Si Wawa

I was looking through some old photos and saw this one. Little Wawa has been bullying Coco since he was little.

See how he got away with Coco's pink squeaky porcupine. We have a term for dogs like that. It is called "chok si". It can be applied to humans as well. It is used when someone gets out of line, like an employee showing disrespect for an employer or a little child gets cheeky with his elders. Wawa was very "chok si", grabbing big sister Coco's porcupine right out of her mouth! When a small fry gets "chok si" he/she is "chim si" (looking for death).

1 comment:

Rubie said...

Great photo's Tooki! Wawa has always been a "little bugger!!" as we would say..... Rubie's mum.

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