Friday, June 3, 2011

Lord! Are You Sleeping?

I am not sure if this kitty cat wandered into my workplace by accident or whether some unkind person just abandoned it there.  When I reached my office 2 mornings ago, it was surrounded by 5 to 6 excited dogs, all out for its blood.  It was almost torn to pieces and although there were lots of people watching, none ventured to lend it a helping hand.  Out of consideration for all the rice and chicken that I had been feeding them, the dogs dropped the kitten on the grass as soon as I went near and shooed them away.  Poor kitty cat can now barely move.  It's hind legs are badly injured.  My cat-lover colleague said no bones broken but muscles are probably torn.  It was still bleeding a little when I left it is full of pain and suffering.  A friend of mine has taken the liberty to remodel God after seeing all the suffering in the world.  Not that he has stopped believing in God, but it is his way of reconciling God and His apparent lack of concern for all suffering humans.  He no longer believes that God is all powerful and all knowing.  To him, an all loving God who can't lend a helping hand is better than an all powerful God who doesn't lend a helping hand.  I think it's more productive to let God use us to ease all the suffering we see each day than to ask Him why He's sleeping on His job.

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