Friday, June 10, 2011

The Veterinary

The poor kitty cat which was mauled by the dogs in my office didn't seem to get any better and seeing it's leg folded in an odd way I had no choice but to quickly bring it to the vet. The vet was away so his beautiful and immaculately made-up assistant (in high heels - what if she has to attend to a thrashing dog/goat?) attended to the cat instead. She pinched its paws and didn't think anything was broken. That was a bit of good news. After dressing its wounds and giving it 2 jabs kitty cat couldn't be contained in its box anymore. It can now limp about unsteadily. A vast improvement!

While waiting for our transport under a cool, shady tree (negative ions everywhere), I took a few photos of the surrounding. This is a government veterinary - very nice brick building. I noticed 2 goats being unloaded - aha, high heels. Government veterinary is serious business, they attend to farm animals as well as pets.

This is a fruit tree that my mom planted in her garden when I was still a child. I seldom see this tree being grown nowadays so when I saw one growing right next to the vet's house it brought back happy memories of my childhood days. The fruit is called "cermai" (pronounced cher-mai) and is so sour you won't be able to eat it with a straight face. We normally dip it in sugar or pickle it. All I could do NOT to get my hands on that bunch....

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