Thursday, June 16, 2011

Only 1 Life

They say a cat has 9 lives but not poor kitty cat. I took 3 days off work and didn't go to the office to feed it on one of those days. When I went yesterday a staff who lived in one of the quarters (where kitty cat loitered outside) told me that it had died. I know she threw leftover food outside for 4 other kittens so poor kitty cat must've gone hungry and ate bad food. She told me it was purging before it died. At least her husband helped bury it. Although we knew each other for such a short time, he still left a fair bit of emptiness in my heart. My last visit he actually ran to greet me even though his legs must've caused him some pain. I hope you're in a beautiful place in heaven where you limp no more and all pain is gone for ever........!


Magic said...

Poor kitty - she suffered a sad life but she knew kindness from you. Over the Rainbow Bridge she can run free and well again:
'..cherish her memory and let it live on'
Thinking of you and your furry friends - Magic xx

Tooki said...

Thank you, Magic, I will never forget the way they love us for the little that we do for them.

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