Saturday, June 11, 2011

An Emptiness In My Heart

The ending of a day has a way of making you feel like somebody's missing. Today, after all the day's activities and busyness, I thought of Ping Ping. From the moment he was born, his growing up and growing fat down to his growing thin and going blind and groping about on his stomach weakly for the food I placed in front of him. My heart felt so very heavy. Weighed down with an uncomfortable emptiness. I had just finished watching a K-drama called "49 Days". Traditional Chinese believe that when somebody dies, the soul remains on earth for 49 days before entering the other world. This drama is a far-fetched story about a girl who had an accident, went comatose and her soul was given 49 days to collect tears from 3 people (family excluded) who loved her. If she succeeds she will live. Being a kind and friendly person while alive, she thought that would be an easy task. To her dismay (and mine), it took her more than 10 episodes to find those tears. Ping Ping would've easily collected tears from 2 persons who loved him - me and my sister.

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