Thursday, June 23, 2011

Days Of The Week (And A Nice Dream)

My moods pick up on Thursday because the next day is Friday. I like Fridays because of its very long lunch break (11.30am to 2.00pm). It is for Muslims to pray at the mosque but we non-muslims also benefit from this privilege....:) I go home, eat, let the dogs out of their grillingly hot enclosure, close ourselves in the air-conned study and blog. Exactly what I am doing now. And of course, Friday is much loved because the very next day is S*A*T*U*R*D*A*Y! Come Sunday my mood will plunge. Don't know why, it has been like that since my school days. I never liked Sundays.

To make up for the nightmare with Yadah Blah I was blessed with a dream of my Mom this morning. My sister and I are always very pleased when we can dream of Mom. That's the only way we can be with her again, for now. I remember driving through very narrow and congested streets and mumbling "if you people don't move away my tires will go over your toes". Then instead of driving I was walking with a cane (my knees have been aching of late - old age) and going down an extremely zig-zagged staircase. I turned around and saw my Mom trying to make her way down. As usual she was dressed in her sarong kebaya. As far as I can remember, my mother never wore any other attire except for sarong kebaya nyonya style. I offered her a helping hand and she told me with a smile that she isn't a child anymore. Now, that's strange because when she was alive, she always needed a helping hand due to poor eyesight. After my Mom passed away I dreamt of her almost every other day and in all my dreams my mother never uttered a word. She was there but always a silent figure. As years went by she spoke in my dreams like a normal person. Has it ever occured to you that in all your dreams you can never see yourself? But I had one dream where I saw myself standing a short distance away.

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Magic said...

So glad you have had a lovely dream of your Mom! Enjoy your lunch break today and the happy SATURDAY :-) Love from Magic x

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