Friday, September 10, 2010

Pain In The Neck

Coco has been in a very bad mood since she gotten ill. She lost her patience with Wawa's rough playing more than once and looked ready to snap. Wawa must be a pain in the neck for Coco - he grabs her toys and food (especially) and jumps on her, biting her paws, her jaws, her whiskers, her ears, her tail.....anything. He also gets to sleep on my lap while Coco has to lie on the cold floor. She gets leashed up when it's time to go outside while Wawa is free as a bird (can't find a leash that small) and sometimes he goes out more often than she does - reason being he shits more often. But Coco doesn't understand that so she yelps at the highest pitch when she sees us going out.

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