Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coco's Suitors

The vet said Coco must be having some kind of hormonal imbalance because she shouldn't be bleeding again after 3 months. A dog has its period once in 6 months. She has been attracting a couple of suitors which didn't pose any major problem until yesterday when we went for our morning stroll. We were mauled by an over amorous dog. I know he didn't mean any harm but I had to lift Coco away from him and he had his paws on me instead. The guy who jogged with him daily wasn't the owner and the dog was unleashed and I suspect no one actually owns that dog. I was so annoyed I had visions of poisoning him, have him shot or run over with my car. All my sympathies for strays flew out the window because he almost pulled my pants down trying to get at Coco and when I reached home my attire was stained with mud and there were scratch marks on my thigh. While the tussle went on I noticed Wawa hiding under the bush in fear and watching us. If it wasn't so horrible I could've laughed at his expression. I had to leave him behind while I ran into the house with Coco in my arms and the lustful dog howling behind. I deposited Coco in the house, went at the mad dog with my fly swatter (he left in a hurry) and rescued Wawa all in one breath. No more strolls for the time being!

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