Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guan Le Jiu Hao

There is a common chinese saying that parts the darkest clouds and make rainbows appear on the dreariest and weariest of days. I love people who answer me with a "guan le jiu hao". It means "it's ok when you're used to it". A load seems to lift off my shoulders and and my whole body relaxes. When I have to clean every tile in the house of dog shit and tears are hovering I cheer myself up by saying "guan le jiu hao". When Coco pisses a pool for the third time after I've mopped the floor I tell myself "guan le jiu hao" and I can even smile and stroke her head and tell her it's ok. When you've lost an arm, a leg or a loved one -- just say "guan le jiu hao" and then you will be able to shrug it off your shoulders and carry on with (a hint of) a smile.

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