Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mr. Big Bully

This is Mr. Big Bully, a stray male who will always reach the food first and snarls off all the other dogs. Everyone has to wait until he has had his fill. I shooed him off after he had swallowed two thirds of the food so he is looking at me and wondering why I won't let him eat. However, he has his endearing side. He is the bravest among all the strays, coming near me, whining softly, wagging his tail and lately touching my hand for an instance with his nose. Signs of appreciation. He seems to have put on a little bit of weight and I haven't seen him scratching his back that much. He used to scratch so hard with his teeth until he bled. I tried pouring calamine lotion but he didn't like that at all. Village folks say coffee powder is good for drying up wounds quickly - must remember to try that on him.

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