Monday, May 10, 2010

You Vixen You

Did I say that this is a good dog? I take that back. It is true that there are a 1001 bad things that a dog can do or as the chinese saying goes - the vixen's tail is getting longer and longer - the vixen or fox depicting all things bad for the Chinese. It's the same as saying that her true colors are finally showing. Since my apartment is as small as a dog's crate, I don't confine poor Coco to a crate, I just confine her to my apartment. When I come home what greets me will be dog toys all over the floor (plus dog excrement), cushions all askew, chewed slippers, chewed shoe cabinet, chewed couch, shreds of paper, paw prints and a non-stop jumping dog looking absolutely delighted with the make-over. Gone are the days when I can come home to quiet hamsters who peer sleepily at me from safe, enclosed cages.

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