Monday, May 10, 2010

The Dog Is Driving Me Bonkers

Lunch break is only 1 hour and it takes me exactly 30 minutes to drive home and back. That gives me half an hour to rest. Rest? No, I don't rest. I steal 10 minutes from my employer by eating between 12 and 1pm so my half hour does not include lunch. Rather I come home to a jumping dog (it's joy) and then after calming her down I will survey the mess and clean up. To avoid picking shit, I follow my dog around until she looks like she's squatting and then I'll whisk out my tissue and catch her droppings. I've managed to do that rather well of late and that saves me a lot of wiping, spraying and mopping. It's crazy but here is a human waiting for her dog to shit and feeling very smug when she gets it right smack in the middle of the tissue. In my saner days, I would NEVER make the journey home during such a short lunch break. I would enjoy my lunch at the coffee shop and come back to my cool office and play zuma on my computer until it's time for work.

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