Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dog Eyes

I had an encounter with 2 people yesterday which made me think of a chinese saying about a dog. The direct translation is "dog eyes look down on people" meaning that a dog can sniff out your (financial) status. If you're well-to-do, it will pass you by. If you're not well-to-do, it will bark and growl at you and if he's with a pack, he'll most likely sink his teeth in as well. I have seen it happen in my neighborhood and we will always shake our heads and say, "Tsk,tsk, eyes really look down on people!" So, what has all this got to do with the 2 people I encountered yesterday? The first one was my superior, a lady of high ranking who dropped by to inspect my workplace. She was rolling her eyes all the time, calling people stupid and looking down her nose at everybody else's efforts. Meaning to say that SHE would have done things better. Really dog eyes. The second one was an ex-superior who professes to be a friend. He thinks that your life is meaningless because you don't live where he lives or you don't travel like he does and in case you did travel, your travels aren't as interesting as his. The conversation is a monologue of I, me and myself. When he's had enough of that, it becomes a tirade of accusing questions which can be summed up in a sentence - you're a failure and you haven't lived because you're not doing the things I'm doing. Tsk, tsk, tsk....not only has he dog eyes but also pigeon eyes! Ah, that's another saying about pigeons. When someone has pigeon eyes it's the same as having dog eyes. I believe that we do the things we do because we want happiness and inner peace. If travelling helps, by all means travel. If having 3 hamsters and a dog helps - who are you to judge?

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