Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pet Food Store Vs Video Rental Store

A pet's bad habit is more tolerable than a pet food store owner who sucks. I met 2 kinds of people today (again). Let me deal with the sucker first - a pet store owner who's pride and arrogance has puffed him up so much that......he's not worth describing. Except that he not only sells dog food, he's also got dog eyes. The other person I met is the complete opposite. A very nice young lady operating a video rental store who offered to replace a faulty video cd I rented a week ago. She was sincerely nice and apologetic about the whole thing and although money is important to everyone, her eyes didn't sparkle with dollar signs. Why do you run a business? A very successful businessman gave me a tip - it's not so much to earn money, it is to provide a service. If you can provide a service a customer needs, you can laugh all the way to the bank. Hmmmm, must remember that when I retire from this job.

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