Thursday, May 5, 2011

While I Was Blogging

Some humans stick their tongues out when they've made a mistake. What bad deed did you do this time, Coco?

You did this while I am around??? So what if I was blogging!! After being together for more than a year, I have discovered that schnauzer Coco is a sly dog. She does things behind my back and then pretends it's Wawa who did it. Mongrel Wawa is open and innocent, will play with the results of Coco's bad deeds and usually gets scolded first. And while Wawa is being scolded, Coco will lie quietly as far away as possible with her head on her paws looking very pitiful so that she will get a pat on her head instead of a scolding. She eats the choicest portions and leaves the crumbs for Wawa. Last night she gobbled up butter cookies and my red bean pastry but when I gave her cheap biscuits she took it with her mouth and let it plonk to the ground. And then she looked at me as if to say - how about giving it to Wawa? As usual, Wawa vacuumed the leftovers. Ah yes, how did I know it was Coco who pulled the toilet paper and not Wawa? A piece of tissue was sticking out of the culprit's mouth.

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