Friday, May 6, 2011

Drawings On The Wall

I seem to be spending my days mending my dogs' destructive mistakes. I guess it's time to be cruel to be kind. Cruel to them, kind to me. It isn't too bad that they tore off the wallpaper. Writing on the wall is getting to be rather enjoyable. I can now do what Mom never allowed me to do as a child. My mother wasn't a nagging person at all. To get her message across to us loud and clear and without needless repetitions she will just brandish her rotan (cane). Most of my siblings swore that they will never bring up their children "like mother did" so they resorted to gentle, verbal admonishment. I remember an occasion when my little nephew, maybe about 3 then, ruined the wall with his sister's crayons. His father spent many minutes explaining gently why he shouldn't have done that. The little boy listened quietly and I was impressed. Gentle admonishment seemed to have an effect on him. As soon as the lecture ended he took another crayon and drew some more on the wall.

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