Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happenings Over The Week

The SPCA team finally came to catch and spay the stray dogs last Sunday.  Here's the first 2 returned with bandages and stitches...poor doggies.  Today they will catch and spay another one.  Look, she's a Muslim and yet she's a volunteer who doesn't mind touching a stray dog.  I found out that she's a lecturer of languages at Universiti Malaysia Sabah.  God bless her and her friends for the thankless job that they are doing!

Mr. Big Bully was (accidentally) caught last Sunday and he made a BIG fuss but a phone call saved him from the knife.  The plan was to spay females only.  However, he showed symptoms of distemper so today the poor fellow will be captured again for treatment.  He must be terrified, poor doggie.

Mrs Big Bully #2 went into the trap accidentally but she was released because she just gave birth to puppies.

She hid her babies (only 2 survived) in this miserable dump where rubbish is burnt.  I had to tell them to stop burning for the time being or puppies will be barbecued.

When her babies were taken away for adoption I caught her going to that place to look for them and I felt so, so, so sad for her.  She looked lost and bereft.  Earlier on when my colleague moved her babies to a safer place she brought them back there.  The poor dog thought I was the one who did it and when I stood there looking at her babies she slowly put my leg in her mouth.  I was startled and backed off and she started growling and barking at me.  It was a gentle warning for me to keep off.  She knew that if she bit me that will be the end of her chicken rice supply.

Mrs. Big Bully #1 has gone over the Rainbow Bridge, together with Wawa's mother.  They both died at around the same time a week or more ago.  I was extremely saddened to learn that this dog which greeted me each morning is gone forever.  She seemed sick after her last batch of puppies came and when they were taken away she must've missed them and maybe lost the will to live.  I take comfort in the fact that she is forever released from her daily misery.  I hope they are happy and well in heaven.  How I wish the Rainbow Bridge story is true and how I dearly wish that all dogs go to heaven.  I never understood why the Bible said the day of death is better than the day of birth.  Now I understand because these dogs are born into a miserable life, if they never get adopted.  No food, no love, nobody to care for them.  Shunned, beaten, poisoned or fed with food that gives them horrible skin diseases.  Indeed, the day of their death is better than the day of their birth....:'(


Bowie said...

ah, this post sent tears to my eyes but am glad that there are lovely people out there like your good self & the kind-hearted volunteers who care for these poor strays :'(

God Bless!

Matilda said...

Oh, I also hope they are happy in heaven.
Your volunteer work is great. I hope a lot of dogs and animals live safe and happily.

Rubie said...

Auntie Tooki - you are making my mum cry again....


What Remains Now said...

God bless you and all the folks who care for these dogs with dignity and respect. You're their angel, Tookie.

Magic said...

It is good to know that there are such kind people as you Tooki and those volunteers who care for the poor strays. Your post made Leigh cry but she said how could there be heaven if our animal friends were not there. I am sure they are free and happy across the Rainbow Bridge :-) love from Magic xx

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