Monday, October 3, 2011

Good Things And Sad

I am happy and excited to have received another award today but first, I really must accept 2 other awards presented to me by Rubie and her Mommi earlier this year.  I hope there is no expiry date.

 In February 2011, Rubie passed this Stylish Blogger Award to me
(blush, blush..)...^_^

In June 2011, Rubie handed me this Inspiration Award.  I really can't thank you enough, Rubie.  You are one of the reasons this blog is still around (sometimes, it is viewed only once and that one comment is always by Rubie and her Mommi...sob, thanks!).

Today isn't really a good day because yesterday my beloved hamster Mokuai succumbed to her illness and died.  It saddened me even more when Coco kept staring at the empty place where Mokuai's home used to be.  When the door was shut, she laid there waiting and when I let her into the room she went and stared at that space again.  Coco knows who Mokuai was because whenever I asked her "Where is Mokuai?" she will run to the study room and look up at Mokuai.  Last night when I asked her the same question, she sniffed her empty tank in the storeroom.  So, Tamago, you really cheered me up with this Sunshine Award!  Thank you from all of us. 

I may not be able to fulfill all the conditions that come with the awards but 10 other blogs is a must!  Here are the 10 blogs that I enjoy visiting.....
01)  Rubie's sweet face and her adventures with her cousins is a joy to read!
02) You have the funniest cats in the world and I always wait expectantly for Goro and Niko's next post!
03)  Matilda is just not posting enough!  I like her photos (Japan is beautiful) and her gentle, quiet way of speaking.  Woofing.
04)  Magic's daily walk and interesting photos are fun to read.  To me, they have the most interesting names in the world...I enjoy telling my nephew "Pronounce Caoimhe!"  He'll say "Chaoomhee?".  "Aoife!  Aauufee?"  Such fun!
05) You have 2 of the most beautiful cats in the world and your blog and photos are as funny as Tamago's!  At last, someone understands when I write about Sabah!
06)  The grehyhounds are beautiful and the photos...oh, you just have to see them for yourselves!
07)  This is the person who takes the beautiful photos in (06)...she inspires me to take better photos of my dogs.  Somehow...
08)  I didn't know what whippets were until I came across this blog.  Photos of beautiful, always-running whippets are a pleasure to look at.
09)  This blogger is a bit busy jet-setting at the moment but her mainly food-blog is a must read!
10)  If there is only one country that I can visit, I will visit Japan.  Since I can't do that at the moment, this blog is a great way to peer over someone's shoulder into life in Japan.  You won't find these info in the news or magazines.

I pass all these awards to the above (if you haven't already received it) but you will have to read my blog to get it (evil laughter follows).

I understand I have to answer some questions for the Sunshine Award....
Fav color  --  pastels
Fav animal -- dog
Fav number -- any with dollar signs infront
Fav drink -- teh c (feel like having one now)
FB or Twitter -- neither
Getting or giving presents -- getting.  Ok, giving.
Fav pattern --  depends on what I'm using it for
Fav day -- holiday
Fav flower -- all those made by the Lord


Bowie said...

Please don't be sad anymore after today. Am sure Mokuai will not want that of you & that she's well now at the Rainbow Bridge.

Mommy wants you to know that we're following your blog now. She doesn't comment often as she's not too good with words; butt we enjoy reading your blog.


Kitcaboodles said...

Oh so sorry to hear about Mokuai, another soul crosses the rainbow bridge.
Thank you so much for the awards too, Mr Darcy and Sookie are blushing profusely (although you can't see it under all that fur!!). When i get home from work I will check out all your other awardees (think I might have made that word up)

Rubie said...

Sorry about Mokuai my friend...... (*hugs*)

Tooki - we feel a special connection to you - and love reading your blog...don't stop. It doesn't matter how many people are reading - I often think we can get pulled into commenting and reading LOTS of blogs that we never thought we would..... it matters that you write what YOU want to. That was the initial idea!!

Friend - Rubie and I thank you for the award and will wear it proudly on the blog.

Take care, Rubie's mum xxx

Magic said...

We were sad to hear about Mokuai - so many little friends have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you very much for the awards. We so enjoy reading your blog too. Hugs and woofs from Magic xx

greygirl25 said...

Thank you for the awards, you words are so kind.

So sorry to here about Mokuai. Our beautiful pet losses are never easy.

And you better hang on to this blog, it is delightful. The biggest reason I started to blog was so that I would always remember the day to day antics of my greyhounds and it is the reason I continue it today.

Tamago said...

I am so sorry to hear about Mokuai. I have leaky eyes to read about Coco staring at Mokuai's empty home. Sending hugs and warm thoughts to you...

Congratulations on all the award and thank you so much for passing them on to me! I'm so happy to have met you :-)

Matilda said...

Hi sorry I am late. Thank you for the award!
I will try to post more!

What Remains Now said...

Oh, Tooki. I missed this post while I was on vacation. I'm so sorry about the loss of Mokuai.

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