Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Agricultural Exhibition

I went to 2 exhibitions on Saturday.  The first one was a bit lame, showcasing some food products and crafts of Sabah.  Here's one from Sabah, a beaded wrist band from Matunggong, Kudat.  They are made by Rungus, an ethnic tribe of Sabah.

I prefer local Sabah coffee (sorry, bias) over imported ones.  The best ones come from Tenom (about 3-4 hours car ride from city center).  Yit Foh is one of the well-known ones.  If you visit their factory, you get to drink coffee for free and you also get a free tour around their factory.  When in Tenom, don't forget to visit the Agricultural Park.

The 2nd exhibition I went to was definitely more interesting.  It was an agricultural exhibition and there were so many booths displaying their goods, we couldn't finish visiting all.  This is one of the best (in my opinion) by the Agricultural Department of Sabah.

A long display of fruits.  The ones in front are mengkudu (used to make noni juice, purportedly with lots of medicinal properties), followed by guava, star fruit or carambola, red dragon fruit, mangoes and furthest brown ones are called salak.  Salak has an outer layer that resembles snake skin but the flesh is fragrant and sweet with slight sourish taste.  Very tasty.

A variety of tubers.  The green ones at bottom left corner is called bread fruit or susukun and as far as I know, only eaten deep fried in a sweet batter.  Delicious!

One booth chopped off a rubber tree and planted it here, complete with cup to collect the latex.

 A booth just for cats!  None for dogs.........:(

Sabah has 3 universities (I think) and Universiti Malaysia Sabah is one of them.  I can't find its land size but I think 999 acres.  What a shame, no mention of land size in its website!

 Fancy apparatus to extract oils.  This is cinnamon oil, if I am not mistaken.

 How mushrooms are grown in Sabah.

Commercial orchids for sale.  Wild orchids are just as beautiful, if not more, but sale is prohibited (protected species).

Our beloved Borneo Orchid!  Don't know if that's the official name but that's what my mother called them.

We didn't finish our agricultural tour because we had to rush to this place for a farewell hi-tea.  A workmate has just retired so friends decided to come together for a meal to bid farewell to her.  She is very happy that I can no longer pester her on the phone for supplies. 

Love men who look after their wives' handbags when they go to the loo.  And the wonderful thing is he's HAPPY about it!  All of us went to college together, worked in the same ministry and grew old together.  I think we may have fought together, can't remember.  I now pester his wife for supplies.

After all that food and nice, warm feelings I dropped in to see my brother who just got discharged from the hospital not too long ago.  Um..I haven't visited him for ages and this is the first time I've been to this house so I was very happy to find a little pond there.  Lots of animals to qualify this post for petblogville!!

 I'm petrified by your brother!  He's a grouch!
I know, Mr. Frog!  It runs in the family but I am the exception!

Your brother's a grumpy neatness freak!
I know, Miss Egret...that runs in the family too!  But I am not as bad as him...I live with hamsters and dogs and you will always find crap and piss in my house!  And fur!  And urine-stained pawprints!


Rubie said...

Hi Auntie Tooki - I haven't changed the look of my bloggie for months???? What are you just noticing??? To get the "you might also like" thingy - just click on the little "linkwithin" gadget that is is light grey at the bottom of mine. That will take you to the place you need to go - you will have to put in your blog address and stuff - but it's easy because my mum and I worked it out (as SHE is no computer genuis) - most of the clever things on my bloggie are done (or fixed up) by uncie - he's the computer geek in the family!

I liked your post today - it's always nice to see stuff from across the pond! Mum's fav fruit is mango but she also loves drinking guava juice (not often as she doesn't need the calories).

See ya, Tail Wuggles, Rubie xx

Magic said...

Lovely tour of those exhibitions - so colourful with all those bright fruits and flowers. Hope your brother is feeling better now - what a pretty little pond he has there :-) love from Magic xx

Wyatt said...

Thanks for the tour. We love to see the fruits and veggies of other places...how interesting. We recognized a few.
What? no dog exhibit?

Wyatt and Stanzie

Kitcaboodles said...

Oh Tookie you do make me laugh - "urine stained pawprints"... it's like you're uncovering all the unspoken secrets of pet ownership (it was poo prints in our house the other day...!!)
Thanks for the tour too... all that fruit looks delicious =^..^=

What Remains Now said...

I just love that you let us come along with you on your trips out, and you always make me laugh! What beautiful colors and pictures. We are into autumn where I live, and I'm starting to think of snow...so the warmth of your pictures is wonderful. You are a talented writer.

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