Friday, September 23, 2011

Help Me, I'm Lost!

A dog at my workplace gave birth to puppies again.  Yesterday, for some unknown reason, she moved her puppies to a not-so-safe spot near the garbage bin.  Very little protection from the rain and this morning the sound of motorbikes startled the puppies and made a couple of them fall into the ditch in fright.

 Although he looks happy he's actually yelping for help.
" ..Yelp me..yelp me, Momeee!"

 Mommi said, "I'd like to help you but you are getting heavier and I have to feed your brothers.  Get out of the ditch yourself, you've got to learn!"  That yellow thing is the garbage bin I was talking about and underneath is just about all the shelter they get from wind and rain.

 "The ditch is too deep and I am still too short....sob..."

"'s a jungle out here!  Oh?  Who's hand is this?  This kind hand that saves me from my miry pit??"  Of course, none other than Aunty Tooki once she's done with the flashy box.

 "Oh, my brother!  Am I glad you're back!  Let us hug each other and never be parted again!"  Your soft body is also better than the prickly grass.

Exhausted, little lost puppy fell asleep underneath his garbage home.  Good news, a workmate has his eye on this little cutie so he will soon have a loving, forever home.  As soon as this week, I think.


Anonymous said...

I hope they find homes. So precious.

You might want to change your comments from "embedded below post". It does not recognize a lot of folks as logged in. Luckily you allow anonymous so I was able to tell you, but you'd probably get more comments if you switched to anything else. Here is more info.

Never Say Never Greyhounds

What Remains Now said...

I hope they all find homes! Lovely captured the sweetness of the puppy and his plight so well. Mom is a beauty too!

Tooki said...

Thank you Never-Say-Never...I certainly hope it will fetch more comments! To What-Remains-Now - thank you, I really appreciate that you view my posts, so encouraging!

Kitcaboodles said...

Hi there, nice to meet you! I see that you live in Kota Kinabalu, which just happens to be one of my favourite places on the planet! We live in the UK but were lucky enough to visit Kota Kinabalu on honeymoon in 2009. One day I will be back! But for now, I do hope that the little one is taken to a safe home soon =^..^=

Tamago said...

Oh what cute puppies!!
The puppy looks really sad when he could not get out of the glad he was rescued :-) I hope they all find forever home soon!

Tooki said...

Kitcaboodles - so happy to hear that you've been to KK and liked it too!
Tamago - puppy has already been adopted!

Matilda said...

Hi Tooki,
What a cute puppy!
I really hope he will get a nice forever home and live happily.

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