Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eggs? We Like!

I just love hard boiled eggs.

Although it does make us fart a bit.

Sorry?  It stinks?  I think I ate my egg too fast.


What Remains Now said...

Coco and Wawa are so cute! Nothing like a good egg.

Rubie said...

We are not allowed to say "farts" at my house..... mum calls them "love puffs"!! ;-)

Our Friend has a staffy....... when he does a "love puff" (the staffy that is..) everyone runs from the room screaming! I think HIS should be called "toxic bloom" or "nuclear fallout" !

Tail Wuggles, Rubie. xxx

Tooki said...

Hahaha...that sure sounds better! My sis and I say "mei hua du" which means "cherry blossoms poison" or "pretty flower poison"...hee!

Rubie said...

That's nicer Auntie Tooki! (I guess) ;-)

Bowie said...

Moi love eggs too! Mine usually comes in fried form, no oil, just beat up the egg and fry in non-stick pan! Mom thinks this way is less of a mess as she'd tear in bite sizes and hand-feed me. Duh!

As for my 'mei hua du', I am always frightened by the sound of it (*pffh*) & would sprint off! This is how I always give myself away BOL

Coco looks so cute! Turning her head for a pose ^_^


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