Friday, September 30, 2011

Don't Touch My Bed!

I had to repair this imitation burberry bed because Wawa's tattered bed had to be thrown away.  It stank to high heaven because he puked in it.  No way I was going to put that in my washing machine.  Well, it took him less than a day to unstitch my hard work.

Since it is such an eyesore, I always try to keep it out of sight by banishing it (and his toys) to the enclosure.  "I'm not going to let you!" said Wawa.

 "Don't touch my bed!"

"Here Mommi, I'll help you get this ugly thing outside!", said Coco.

No! No! No!

This bed stays INSIDE!  My toys too!  And me too!

1 comment:

Tamago said...

Oh Wawa, you are so cute and funny!! You look very serious protecting your bed...oh I wonder if it's working as bed... :-) But you seem to love it so much. I hope Coco will not take it outside :-) Have a happy weekend!!

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